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            章鱼彩票入不了-印度官方登月还没开端 这位行为艺术家已火了一把

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            章鱼彩票入不了-印度官方登月还没开端 这位行为艺术家已火了一把

            视频:印度艺术家“伪造”登月行走视频 讽刺班加罗尔马路坑洼



            As India’s space agency prepares to make history by landing on the Moon later this week, many of the country’s citizens have been left in stitchesafter footage of an apparent moonwalk went viral。



            Just days before India’s lunar mission Chandrayaan-2 touches down on the Moon’s south pole on September 7, Baadal Nanjundaswamy, a famous Indian street artist, stole all the headlines with a wry takedown of the city council in Bengaluru。

            探测器登陆月球南端定于9月7日,但是印度著名的街头行为艺术家巴达尔南军达斯瓦米(Baadal Nanjundaswamy)已经成了各媒体头条,抢走了所有的风头。

            Nanjundaswamy enlisted the help of theater actor and film star, Poornachandra Mysore, who helped stage a tongue-in-cheek ‘moonwalk’ to highlight the pockmarked pavement plaguing the city’s streets。 

            在电影明星泼拿常德拉摩梭尔 Poornachandra Mysore的帮助和协作下,这个让人捧腹大笑的“月球漫步”视频出炉了。印度街头坑坑洼洼的道路提供了“神助攻”。

            At approximately 10pm local time on Saturday, Mysore donned a silver space suit tailored by a local costume designer and began his hike across the ‘lunar surface。’


            “The entire thing was shot on a mobile phone camera, no additional lights were used。 So naturally, I didn’t expect it to turn out the way it did,” Nanjundaswamy said, adding that it cost approximately Rs 8000 ($111) to shoot th章鱼彩票入不了-印度官方登月还没开端 这位行为艺术家已火了一把e video。 


            The street artist was swamped with messages of praise online with many thanking and congratulating him on his “wonderful。。。 unique way of expressing our protest,” and “the creativity of this team for exposing the potholes in a very unique way。”


            “Initially I thought ISRO sent a man to moon。 Nope。。。 It’s our Bengaluru Road。 Thanks for BBMP and Contractors,” wrote one fan。


            Nanjundaswamy is well-known for similar stunts aimed at pressuring local politicians to do more to improve their constituencies。 


            In 2015, he planted a life-sized crocodile in a 12-feet-long pothole in north Bangalore in a stunt which ultimately forced officials to fix the gaping void。


            And in 2017, he turned a roadside crater into a fantasy scene, complete with a stunning mermaid。



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